Flyer distribution is one of the oldest methods of marketing.


Even in this digital age, flyer distribution works efficiently.


Facebook, Twitter and Instagram marketing may have become an important part of marketing strategies these days, but that hasn’t destroyed flyer marketing.


It is a low cost efficient way to get your business advertised to many people out there.


Flyer printing helps to advertise within restricted budgets and still produce results.


Flyers are best in point form, this helps with an easy read.


Nowadays with all the competition out there people a shorter attention and you have about 5 seconds to gain your audience and WOW them.


Here at Root Branding we like to help you put main pointers in your flyers that will gain your audience in a creative and efficient manner.

Business Cards are good for a quick contact . it saves the hassle of having to take your phone out and type someones number in.